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Double Play™ Big Bang Spirea
Orange spring foliage turns golden yellow for summer and fall.
34705.jpgDouble Play™ Big Bang Spirea

Double Play™ Big Bang Spirea

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Biggest Blooms Yet!

Repeats all summer!
Plant Patent Applied For. Cultivar name: 'Tracy'

We believe this exciting new shrub is misnamed. It's not a double play at all : it's a triple! The foliage unfurls bright pumpkin orange in spring (one play). Then it turns rich yellow-gold for summer and fall (another play). And finally, it offers the largest pink bloom clusters we have ever seen on a Spiraea (hat trick!).

Just 2 to 3 feet high and wide, Big Bang packs a lot of color into very little space. The leaves are wide and gently serrated, standing out nicely. The blooms are flattopped and very showy, bringing butterflies and bees on the wing throughout their season. (Hummingbirds don?t mind an occasional sip of their nectar, either.) So much larger and showier than other Spiraea cultivars, these pink blooms are attention-getting from way across the sunny garden!

Big Bang needs no pruning, but if you want to shape it, do so right after it finishes blooming, since it will flower on new wood. Deer tend to leave it alone, and it forms a naturally plump, bushy shape that looks natural without being scraggly. Everything is just better on Big Bang!

Give this shrub plenty of sunshine to light shade, well-drained soil, and adequate water for best growth and blooming. That's all there is to it. New colors and looks for every season, plenty of winged visitors--Big Bang repays just a little attention with so much beauty! Zones 4-9.

Genus 2 Spiraea
Species japonica
Variety 'Tracy'
ppaf PPAF
ItemForm 1-Quart
Zone 4 - 8
BloomStartToEnd Early Summer - Late Summer
Habit Mound-shaped
PlantHeight 24 in - 3 ft
PlantWidth 24 in - 3 ft
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