Double Tangerine Gem Poppy Seeds

Double Tangerine Gem Poppy Seeds

Ideal for Edging, Rock Gardens, and the Sunny Border!

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A welcome addition to any hot, dry patch of garden soil, this charming Spanish Poppy is a perennial that behaves as an annual, growing so quickly and blooming so promptly the first year from seed that you can grow it in any climate -- and plant it only once, because it loves to self-sow! Big double blooms in brilliant apricot-orange, silky and almost translucent, are followed by handsome seedheads that may lovely everlastings in the vase. Double Tangerine Gem is the poppy we've been waiting for!

These flowers are large, with a pale creamy-orange center and several layers of glossy petals. They appear at the end of wiry stems just above fern-like, bluish-silver foliage on mounded plants that reach only 8 to 12 inches wide. In bloom, Double Tangerine Gem can be as tall as 2 feet; out of bloom, it is quite low and bushy, a great choice for edging, filling in bare spots in borders and beds, and mass planting along dry slopes and banks.

This Spanish Poppy blooms later than its Oriental cousins, beginning in midsummer in most climates and persisting into fall. It loves sunshine and dry soil, and its blooms attract butterflies in droves. Deer tend to leave it alone -- another great advantage for locating it in an open meadow setting!

Like most poppies, Double Tangerine Gem prefers to be direct-sown. It is not a good choice for containers, because it forms a long taproot, which does not like being transplanted or confined to a pot. Let it make itself at home in less-than-ideal soil with decent drainage, though, and you will find it more than willing to overlook a lot of problems in its pursuit of vigorous growth and masses of blooms!

Double Tangerine is perennial in zones 6-9, but is fairly short-lived, and is probably best grown as an annual. You need plant it only once: just let some of the big, handsome seedheads remain on the plant through fall. They look terrific, and they will scatter enough seed to increase your crop of Double Tangerine Gem plants for next year! --Be sure to pick some of the seedheads for indoor arrangements, by the way. They make fascinating everlastings! Pkt is 100 seeds.