Eastland Lima Bean Seeds

Eastland Lima Bean Seeds

#1 for Heavy Yields!

(P) Pkt of 150 seeds
Item # 05003-PK-P1
(M) 1/4 lb
Item # 05003-PK-M
(N) 1/2 lb
Item # 05003-PK-N
(L) 1 lb
Item # 05003-PK-L
68 days from direct-sowing.

Not only is Eastland ready a week sooner than most of the classic Bush Limas, but it just keeps on bearing, for yields that are second to none! This is the one you want to grow for a big harvest of limas to enjoy all year long. And the flavor is terrific!

Just wait until you grow these fresh, tender beans! The 3- to 4-inch pods are very uniform and semi-flat, easy to can or to use for baby limas. Inside, the seeds are very tender, meaty, and flavorful. Great eating quality, early maturity, and big yields -- what's not to love about Eastland?!

And this plant is strong, vigorous, and upright, with great Downy Mildew resistance that makes the bounty even bigger. You won't need to stake or fence Eastland, even when its crop of delicious limas is at its peak! And if your growing season is short, you will really appreciate how quickly Eastland finishes, and how adaptable the beans are for gourmet baby veggies if you do have to harvest early!

Bush lima beans produce earlier than pole varieties and need no support. They do need warm growing conditions, though, so sow the seeds directly into the garden after the soil has warmed in spring. Space plants 8 inches apart, and harvest when the pods are plump yet still fresh.

When the crop has been harvested, be sure to chop up the plant and plow it back into the soil. Eastland is a legume, and legumes are nitrogen-fixers in the soil, really improving the quality of your vegetable patch. Next year's crop will thank you for this!