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Eco-Bin™ Composter
Collapsible nylon-coated, puncture-resistant mesh.

Eco-Bin™ Composter

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Create nutrient-rich compost for healthier soil and plants.

Its round shape allows for the even distribution of heat.
Composting in an easy, natural way to add nutrients to your garden soil and improve the overall health of your plants. The addition of a rich compost will have a number of benefits, including improving soil structure, texture, and aeration as well as increasing the soil's ability to hold water and helping to loosen clay soils. The nutrients in the compost feed microorganisms that work to keep the soil healthy and balanced.

The Eco Bin™ Composter is easy to use and assemble. Its round shape allows for the even distribution of heat, and its fully removable locking lid offers 100% access for adding or removing material but keeps animals and pets out.

This convenient composter is also unique in that it's collapsible, with a spring-loaded design that makes set-up and storage simple as well as offering quick access when it's time to aerate (turn) the compost.

The bottom of the composter is open, providing access for worms and microorganisms. The nylon-coated mesh walls are puncture resistant, offering long-lasting durability and excellent air circulation. It has a generous 75-gallon capacity, so you'll be able to make enough compost to feed a large garden area. Includes 4 anchoring stakes. Dimensions: 28?" H x 28?" W x 2" D.

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