Heuchera Electric Lime

Heuchera Electric Lime

A Network of Red Veins on Every Leaf!

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This spectacular Coral Bells sports red veins on huge, intense lime-colored leaves. In cooler temperatures, the lime changes to an electrifying pale yellow, intensifying the look of the blood red veins. What a magnificent addition to the border for three seasons of brilliant color every year!

A mounded, beautifully rounded plant, Electric Lime is just what the border or container needs for long-lasting, changeable color. Very tolerant of environmental stresses from heat and humidity to poor soil and cold winters, Electric Lime is a dependable and enduring presence. You're going to love how easy it is to care for!

This Heuchera is the result of numerous crosses of H. villosa and H. americana varieties, bringing out the best characteristics of both. It does need adequate watering during dry spells, and it would appreciate a bit of pampering its first year, but other than that, this foliage beauty is low maintenance and beautiful, season after season.

Attractive to pollinators such as butterflies and hummingbirds., Electric Lime is generally left alone by nibbling deer and rabbits. Plant it fearlessly in woodland and open gardens -- the garden marauders will generally leave it be! Enjoy this lovely Heuchera in your landscape. Zones 4-9.