Enamel Canning Pot - 18 qt

Enamel Canning Pot - 18 qt

Ready for its Water Bath!

Item # 37711
A must-have for the home canner, this 18-quart enamel pot is also a fine all-purpose container for soups, stews, seafood boils, and more. Every kitchen needs a durable oversized pot for countless cooking projects: make this one yours!

This porcelain enamel pot is of the highest quality, stadning 8½ inches high without its lid, or 12 inches wide. The diameter is 13¼ inches, big enough to hold your jars for canning and to cook up something delicious for a large crowd.

To use the pot for canning, we recommend the canning rack, which securely holds 7 quart or pint jars in place, without touching, and enables you to safely lift them in and out of the water without risking steam injury to your fingers. The canning lid rack also works well, setting into the pot easily to sterilize all those silicone seals!

Rely on the Enamel Canning Pot for making jams and jellies, boiling seafood and meats, and simmering stews, soups, and sauces of all kinds. It is designed to hold big loads, and its very durable construction means that it will last you through countless harvests!