100% Organic and Natural 4-3-3 Fertilizer

Espoma Bio-Tone® Starter Plus 5 Oz.

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Packed with All the Nutrients and Microbes for Big, Strong Roots!

5 ounce bag of top-quality organic fertilizer.
This amazingly-effective organic fertilizer contains high amounts of vital plant nutrients as well as the good bacteria and fungi to help plants digest these nutrients. This precisely-formulated mix will encourage larger root masses and help plants establish fast. Minimize your transplant loss and encourage bigger blooms with the power of Bio-tone®!

Formulated to provide plants with all the key nutrients they need, Bio-Tone® Starter Plus is guaranteed to contain 4% Nitrogen (1.6% Water Soluble, 2.4% Water Insoluble), 3% Phosphate, 3% Soluble Potash, 4% Calcium, 1% Magnesium, and 2% Sulfur. It also contains very high amounts of ectomycorrhizal and endomycorrhizal fungi, both of which form a symbiosis with plant's roots, aiding in water retention and the absorption of key minerals, especially Phosphorus. This formula boasts 97,440 propagules per gram of ectomycorrhizal fungi (including 8 species) and 2,640 propagules per gram of endomycorrhizal fungi (including 2 species), as well as 1,341 colony forming units (CFUs) per gram of bacillus proven to enhance plants' immune systems and help them fight off disease. 5-ounce bag.

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5 ounce bag
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