100% natural slow-release fertilizer with an NPK of 3-4-5.

Espoma Flower-tone® 4 lb Bag

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Increase the Bloom Power of All Your Flowers!

No chemicals, sludges, or fillers, just pure organic flower-boosting goodness!
Foliage is all well and good, but let's be honest: great gardens are all about the blooms. We gardeners tend to spend a lot of time and energy planning and experimenting, trying to find the flowers that will grow the biggest, prettiest blooms over the longest possible season. We have to make decisions like "do I choose these big, gorgeous blooms that only lasts for 2 weeks, or do I choose a lesser bloom that lasts all summer?" Sometimes it is like being between a rock and a hard place, but now Flower-tone® gives you another option! Boost the beauty of your flowers AND extend their bloom time with this organic fertilizer especially blended to include less Nitrogen and more Potassium and Phosphorus, encouraging increased health, vigor, and bloom power without making the foliage get overgrown.

The natural, safe way to boost your blooms, Flower-tone® provides a guaranteed 3-4-5 macronutrient composition, plus an infusion of Bio-tone® beneficial microbes that help your plants absorb nutrients and fight off disease. This premium grade fertilizer contains only nutrient-rich ingredients, with no sludge or fillers. And all this garden goodness comes from all-natural organic ingredients that are completely safe for animals and the environment, and are slow-release so that the nutrients will not 'burn' your plants.

Flower-tone® gives your perennials and annuals everything that they need, but is not intended for use on turf, foliage-interest plants, or fruits and vegetables. For the rest of your garden, we recommend these other Espoma organic fertilizers: Garden-Tone, Soil Acidifier, Holly-Tone, Bio-Tone Starter Plus, Super Phosphate, or Bulb-Tone.

Directions: To prepare a flower bed, incorporate 4 pounds of Flower-tone® per 80 square feet of garden, then water thoroughly. Alternately, when planting seeds you can add two tablespoons of Flower-Tone® to the soil as you cover each seed. For existing plants, simply sprinkle ¼-cup of Flower-tone® around the base of the plant. Weight: 4 Pounds.

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