Espoma Tomato-tone® 4 Pound Bag

Espoma Tomato-tone® 4 Pound Bag

Feed Your Tomatoes All Season

4 Pound Bag
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Feed your tomatoes (and other veggies) the natural, safe way! Tomato-tone® provides all the macro-nutrients your plants need to produce bumper crops all season long, with a guaranteed analysis of 3% Nitrogen, 4% Phosphorus, and 6% Potassium, plus an infusion of Bio-tone® beneficial microbes that help your plants absorb nutrients and fight off disease. This premium-grade fertilizer contains only nutrient-rich ingredients, with no sludge or fillers. And all this garden goodness comes from all-natural organic ingredients that are completely safe for animals and the environment, and are slow-release so that the nutrients will not 'burn' your plants.

The organic composition of Tomato-tone feeds your tomatoes what they need over time, developing more blooms and better tomatoes all season, as opposed to chemical-based fertilizers that produce an explosion of fruit growth, but at the expense of the plant's overall health. And your tomatoes will finish the season strong with Espoma's signature blend of beneficial microbes, which aid plants' roots in absorbing nutrients and fighting off infection.

Tomato-tone® gives your tomatoes everything that they need, but is not intended as a general fertilizer. For general garden uses, try these other Espoma organic fertilizers: Garden-Tone, Soil Acidifier, Holly-Tone, Bio-Tone Starter Plus, Super Phosphate, or Bulb-Tone. Tomato-tone® simply gives that extra pop of nutrients specific to tomato growth, but also useful for peppers, eggplant, and more.

Directions: To prepare a garden bed, apply 9 cups (approximately 3 pounds) of Tomato-tone® into the soil. For individual plants, use 3 tablespoons per plant. Give the tomatoes continued feedings throughout the season, every two weeks throughout the garden season (generally May through August), adding one cup for every 5 feet of row (or 3 tablespoons per plant). Water thoroughly after application. Weight: 4 Pounds.