Everlasting® Noblesse Hydrangea

Everlasting® Noblesse Hydrangea

A bouquet on a stem, the lush mophead flowers mature from white to an icy green.

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Plant Patent #22,696. Cultivar Name: 'Hokomano'.

Perfect for a container, shady border, or even a vase, Everlasting® 'Noblesse' boasts large, full blooms colored a refreshing mixture of snow white, celery green, and pure violet. These mophead blooms are outstanding, each one their very own bouquet! They open white with spots of bright purple on their eyes, then mature to more of a whitewashed green with some tinges of pink. The sepals add lovely texture to the display with their ruffles and their crenate margins. And since foliage is hidden within and beneath the mopheads, there are few leaves at the base of the plant: the result is an incredible hydrangea that looks like it is almost all flower!

The Everlasting® series is remarkable for how strong and flop-proof the stems are and, of course, for the length of the bloom season. 'Noblesse' gets started as early as May and reblooms on into September! And because it blooms on new wood as well as old wood, this display happens reliably, bouncing back from harsh winters and forgiving errant prunings.

Plant 'Noblesse' in rich soil in a shady, well-drained spot. Like other Hydrangea, it appreciates frequent watering, and it will tolerate more sun if the soil is kept consistently moist. 2 Quart Container. Zones 5 to 9.