Fafard Seed Starting Mix

Fafard Seed Starting Mix

Easy, Successful Seed Starting Every Time!

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Why trust your garden to anything less than this premium quality mix, the same type of blend professional growers rely on season after season? Our Seed Starting Mix gives every flowering or vegetable seed the best possible start in life, beginning with germination and ending in a bushy, well-branched, healthy seedling ready to transplant!

This mix contains Canadian sphagnum moss, vermiculite, and perlite, with a wetting agent added, and pH balanced. No guessing or compromising is involved in blending this mixture -- professional growers' livelihoods depend upon its performance, so you know it's been prepared with the greatest of care and packaged fresh.

Use this mix in all your seed flats and containers for germinating seeds and growing on seedlings to transplant size. We guarantee its quality and performance. 8-quart bag.