Fairy Garden Box

Fairy Garden Box

Inspire a Young Gardener with a Touch of Enchantment!

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What child has not played in the garden and dreamed of fairies or other "little people" inhabiting the leafy shade and fragrant nooks? For all of us who picked lantana florets to use in our dollhouses, created wild kingdoms for our toy animals in the garden, or simply lay in the sunshine and dreamed among the flowers and foliage, there comes this imaginative and practical Fairy Garden Box. It's intended for children, but we won't tell if you won't.

The idea behind the Fairy Garden Box seems to be like one from a familiar movie: if you grow it, they will come. This attractive little box contains 6 seed packets, coir disks for starting the seed (they expand in water, offering a nice porous germination and growing-on medium), 12 wooden labels to decorate, and an egg carton-like box to set the coir disks in while they grow. Complete instructions are included as well, and each seed packet contains 5 or 6 seeds -- 1 or 2 for the disk, plus a few extras, which is an excellent idea. Here's what you get:

Sweet Alyssum - The perfect fairy flower, it is both fragrant and beautiful, forming perfect rounded bouquets that can find their way into dolls' hands and tiny vases.

Pink Baby's Breath - Another miniature bloom designed to delight, and this one dries beautifully too, so you don't have to worry about keeping it fresh after cutting.

Fairy Lettuce - Even fairies have to eat! Two advantages to this one: it grows fast, and it can double as a jungle wilderness for fairies, dolls, animals, and other garden denizens.

Creeping Thyme - Perfect for creating a magic, springy, fragrant garden floor (though it also looks cool cascading down the side of a pot, over a rock, or in other interesting positions).

Viola - A happy little face of a flower, lightly scented. Children love pansies and violas of all kinds.

German Chamomile - Carefree daisies above scented foliage. It has been suggested that the daisies are fairy hats; they might also be umbrellas or even cushions on chairs.

The idea behind all these plants, of course, is that they encourage the imaginative child to play. Kids who find starting the inevitable radish and marigold seeds less than thrilling might be sparked by this kit; they and their parents are certain to be charmed. Consider it as a gift for a very special child (of any age!), and keep one on hand for unexpected visitors who show an interest in your garden. Gardeners are inspired, not trained! 3" x 4" x 6". 5 oz.