Feria 3000 Patio Cover (10 x 10)

Feria 3000 Patio Cover (10' x 10')

Enjoy Bright Filtered Light with UV Protection on Patio or Deck!

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It only ever seems like the weather is perfect for a couple months, maybe even only a couple weeks out of the year. Now, with the Feria 3000 Patio Cover, you can reclaim your patio or porch regardless of what the weather is doing. This sloped awning measures 10 feet wide by 10 feet deep to provide ample covering for when the sun is beating down relentlessly. Moreover, if it is raining or snowing or otherwise inclement weather, the Feria 3000 Patio Cover provides protection from those elements as well. The polycarbonate awning protects against damaging UV rays, but still allows filtered light through. Heavy-Duty aluminum supports ensure that you never have to worry about the awning falling, and with 7 feet of height clearance, you will not have to worry about ducking or bumping your head either.