100 Square Feet of Beautiful Coverage!

Feria 3000 Patio Cover (10' x 10')

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Enjoy Bright Filtered Light with UV Protection on Patio or Deck!

This sloped patio cover is nearly 7 feet high at its lowest point!
Enjoy sitting out in the garden again with the Feria 3000 Patio Cover. This 10-foot-by-10-foot sloped awning is made of bright white durable polycarbonate framed in white powder-coated heavy-duty aluminum. It protects against UV rays while admitting filtered light -- the perfect solution for your deck, patio, porch, or other outside area!

The Feria 3000 creates a sunroom without walls, and you'll love the fresh breezes blowing through this space as you entertain, admire your plants, and enjoy that first cup of coffee in the morning (or that welcome glass of water at noon after a busy morning in the garden!).

The Feria 3000 is 10 feet wide and deep. The white polycarbonate panels snap easily and securely into place between rust-proof, sturdy heavy-duty aluminum supports using the unique click 'n lock system. And the entire structure is supported by white powder-coated adjustable poles of galvanized steel, guaranteed not to rust or discolor. There's even an integrated rain gutter to steer water away from your patio area!

This patio cover is adjustable. At its maximum extension, the front (lower slope) is 82¾ inches high, sloping upward to a height of 118½ inches at the rear. However, the poles can be set to the height you wish.

Just think -- now you can sit on the deck or patio while it's raining or even snowing without having to run for cover! You never have to roll up this patio cover, and it won't rip, fade, or discolor, unlike cloth or canvas awnings. You can have the best of both worlds -- sun protection plus bright filtered light! -- with Feria 3000! And it's backed by a 10-year limited warranty, making your purchase worry-free!

If you like the Feria 3000 but need more coverage, we have 2 larger sizes: the depth and height of each is the same as the Feria 3000, but the width of the Feria 4200 is 14 feet, and that of the Feria 5400 is 18 feet.

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