Feria 4200 Patio Cover (10 x 14)

Feria 4200 Patio Cover (10' x 14')

Enjoy Filtered Light with UV Protection on Patio or Deck!

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It works fine for your patio, porch, deck and some other outdoor attachment. For a combination of beauty, style and durability, it is made of bright white, durable polycarbonate frame of aluminum. Since it is not enclosed by walls, you will enjoy unlimited fresh breeze blowing around.

You can enjoy your morning cup of coffee or tea right under the patio cover. And you can also spend some time resting there in the afternoon, especially, after doing a thorough work on your garden.

It is resistant to rust and other forms of discoloration. To prevent water from settling around it, it has a rain gutter that leads water away after rainfall. The height of the patio cover can be set to your preference. Whether it's snowing, raining or the sun is scorching, the Feria 4200 patio cover is always at your service.

If you like the Feria 4200 but have a patio or deck that is either larger or smaller than the 14-foot width, you're in luck! The Feria 3000 fits decks 10 feet wide, while the Feria 5400 extends to 18 feet of coverage!