1 bottle of Rose Fertilizer (NPK 14-5-10) and 1 of All-Purpose Fertilizer (NPK 15-5-9).

Fertilizer Combo Kit

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All You Need for a Glorious Garden!

Time-release, earth-friendly fertilizers.
This fertilizer combo kit offers everything you need to grow a beautiful, healthy garden. It includes 1 bottle of our special Rose formula and 1 bottle of our All-Purpose fertilizer.

The Jackson and Perkins Dynamite™ Select Rose Fertilizer is a time-release formula that provides all the nutrients your roses need for vigorous growth and spectacular blooms, all season long. The broadcast rate is 4 tablespoons per square foot, so a 2-pound bottle (80 tablespoons) will cover a 20-square-foot area.

The All-Purpose Fertilizer is a time-release, earth-friendly fertilizer that contains the macronutrients NPK (14-5-10), as you would expect, plus micronutrients. And it feeds your plants all season long! It comes in a 2-pound shaker bottle and features a special coating for the granules that is far more effective than traditional types. This fertilizer is TRULY time-released, so you won't over- or underfeed.

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