Olympian Fig Tree

Olympian Fig Tree

Figs the Size of Tangerines!

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Who would have known a super cold-hardy fig was growing right in Washington State, just waiting to be discovered? That's how Olympian came about, and we are proud to make this award-winning tree available to Park gardeners this season.

A compact and young-fruiting variety, Olympian reaches just 8 feet high after a decade of growth. But it begins fruiting at an early age, and the figs are absolutely huge -- the size of tangerines! -- and richly flavored. The skins are thin, the flesh deep purple, and the flavor complex. Expect the crop to harvest in midsummer in most areas.

Olympian is ideal for coastal climates, and is hardy through zone 6 in the north. Even when severe winter temperatures cause it to die back, it will regrow the following spring. A deciduous, well-branched, open-habit tree compact enough for containers, it fruits generously -- and needs no second fig tree for cross pollination!

Be cautious pruning this tree, because it can set a "breba" crop of fruit that will overwinter in mild climates. You don't want to snip away the tiny fruit buds -- and Olympian stays naturally compact, so no trimming is really needed.

Find a sunny spot with great drainage and begin growing the most delicious figs you have ever tasted. It's so easy with Olympian! Zones 6-8.