Finch Feed

Finch Feed

The Premium Mix Finches and Other Songbirds Love!

8lb. Bag
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Attract finches of all types and plenty of other small songbirds with this premium mix of highly nutritious seeds. Suitable for all tubular birdfeeders, it contains the finches' favorite types of food. Rely on it year-round (especially during the spring and summer months) to fortify your backyard flyers!

Finch Feed is an 8-pound bag containing nyjer thistle, fine sunflower hearts, canola, and canary seed. These are delicacies to the finches and other small songbirds, and they are packed with the protein that birds need to grow thier best. Make life a little easier for the backyard birds, and they will reward you with their presence year-round!

This birdseed mix is designed to satisfy finches of all types, from goldfinches and purple finches to house finches, plus a range of other small birds: redpolls, buntings, and siskins. Wonderfully colorful and pretty, many of these birds also gobble caterpillars and other plant pests, so you want to encourage them to visit and nest in your garden!

Finch Feed fits into all standard tubular feeder. If you have a special finch feeder, you may need to enlarge the holes. Tray feeders and fly-throughs may also work well for this mix of small seeds.

Feeding the wildlife in your garden is a great way to encourage a balanced, healthy ecosystem. Not only do birds gobble destructive pests for you, they may sing a sweet song, and they look gorgeous "posed" on the branches of your favorite plants. They find seeds you may not have realized you had, such as in the dried cones of your Echinacea and Rudbeckia blooms in autumn! And in winter they offer bright color in the slumbering garden.

Stock up on Finch Feed for year-round care of your favorite backyard buddies. You will love the ease and popularity of this mix. And the birds will benefit from it! 8-lb. bag.