Florific™ Sweet Orange Hybrid New Guinea Impatiens Seeds

Florific™ Sweet Orange Hybrid New Guinea Impatiens Seeds

Uniquely Beautiful Blooms on an Award Winner!

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Florific™ is the best New Guinea Impatiens for your shady beds, edging, and containers. Better-branched and more dense than most others, it sets big blooms right above the foliage, giving you the most color per square inch! And it's 100% downy mildew resistant, never needs pinching during the growth process, and keeps the blooms coming all the way through fall in mild and warm climates!

The latest color in the series, Sweet Orange, combines all of these merits with exciting bicolored blooms of salmon and deep tangerine. No wonder it won a 2014 All-America Selection! These plants come early and stay late, going from seed to bloom in just 3 to 4 months. Strongly branched and heavily budded, they cover ground beautifully, with a tight habit just 10 to 14 inches high (in bloom) and 12 to 15 inches wide. Perfect for a long line of color outlining the shade bed, edging a garden path, or filling a large area!

And the 2-inch blooms are unlike any other in the garden. The base color is a pinkish salmon, with an intense overlay of orange striping in delightfully irregular patterns. The wide, overlapping petals face upward above dark green foliage, maximizing their impact in the shade. They begin opening in early summer from an early sowing, and continue all season and into fall. In warm climates, they continue right up until frost!

Florific™ Sweet Orange is uniform in size and bloom time with all other colors in the series, so you can design a lovely mixed planting or alternate colors in a ribbon across the shade garden. Have fun designing with this flower-filled, easy-to-grow Impatiens!

Start the seeds indoors in your Bio Dome 8 to 12 weeks before the last spring frost in your area. Transplant the seedlings when night temperatures consistently remain above 45 degrees F. Impatiens needs warm conditions to thrive. Space the plants about a foot apart in consistently moist but well-drained soil. You do not need to apply fertilizer with a heavy hand; an application a week or two after planting and another at some point during the season should be plenty for most gardens. Low maintenance and so long-blooming! Pkt is 15 seeds.