Fragrant Mountain™ Sweetbox

Fragrant Mountain™ Sweetbox

Ideal for dry, shady areas where few things will grow.

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Plant Patent 19,951. Cultivar name: 'Sarsid2'

This vigorous Sweetbox, which is a member of the beautiful Himalayan Wonders series, will perfume your garden deliciously in mid-winter or early spring with its masses of small white blooms!

An evergreen shrub a bit larger than diminutive Fragrant Valley™, Fragrant Mountain™ reaches 2 to 3 feet high, spreading 3 to 4 feet across, making it a great alternative to Skimmia japonica. It is very dense and well-branched, with glossy, deep green foliage that's larger and broader than the species. This Sweetbox is very disease resistant and tolerant of drier soils and less-than-ideal conditions, so it's a good choice for places that other plants don't want to grow, such as the north walls of homes that are often dark and shady.

The shrub is attractive year-round simply because of its evergreen foliage, but the sweet-scented blooms add another merit to its charms. They persist for several weeks in mid-winter to early spring, and you will smell them before you see them!

The perfect plant for troublesome dry shade, Fragrant Mountain™ is a Canadian introduction that makes a wonderful groundcover, creating a low hedge or ribbon of evergreen color in the garden without pruning or shaping. Unappetizing to deer and rabbits, Sweetbox is easy to grow and maintain. Give it a try in your landscape this season for years of nonstop color and heavenly scent! Zones 6-9.