Fruit, Berry, and Nut Suet Cake

Fruit, Berry, and Nut Suet Cake

A Regular Bird Buffet!

12 Ounces
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Attract birds of all feathers with this wild bird feed! A sweet treat for all your avian amigos, this cake contains: beef suet, ground peanuts, chopped almonds, white and red millet, cracked corn, and dehydrated blueberries, cherries, and apples. This meticulous blend has a guaranteed analysis of at least 6% protein and 35% fat, with no more than 12% fiber and 10% moisture.

Just hang this cake in a cage about 5 feet in the air and get ready to see a great show! The suet and nuts attract insectivores, the blueberries and cherries attract fruit-eaters, and the peanuts and almonds attract nut-eatersvery bird around will flock to this fantastic treat!

Made in the USA at Pine Tree farms, this cake uses rendered beef kidney fat as its base. This hard fat is one of the most energy-rich substances found in the natural world, which makes it delicious and highly sought-after by birds, especially before the winter. Much like fast food, suet is good for fattening up, but it lacks the protein, fiber, and nutrients that a healthy diet contains. That is why other fruits, vegetables, and nuts are added to the suet to create a more nutritious meal.

This product is not intended for human consumption. Though rigorous cleanliness standards are followed in its production, it has not been approved safe for humans to eat. Dimensions: 5 inches long x 1½ inch wide x 5 inches tall. Net Weight: 12 ounces.