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Fuchsia Sun Protection Hat
The Best Hat for Sun Protection!

Fuchsia Sun Protection Hat

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Roll it up and pack it away in your garden apron when you're done -- it shakes back into shape in seconds!

With a UPF rating of 50 (the maximum for effective sun protection), this hat may save your life!
Most of us would never dream of gardening without gloves to protect our hands, but what about our vulnerable head, neck, and shoulders, which are left exposed to potentially harmful UV rays for hours as we sweat off our sunscreen and (like the dedicated gardeners we are!)just keep going? Time to wise up and cool off with a smart sun hat that offers the maximum protection from ultraviolet rays!

This wide-brimmed hat is made entirely of grosgrain ribbon, so it collapses completely if you want to shove it into your apron pocket or flatten it on the potting bench after use. (Give it a shake and it reshapes itself!) One size fits all, and you may find you love how it looks and feels so much that you wear it far beyond the garden gate!

This hat was given an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50 by an independent textile research lab (NOT the manufacturer, you'll be glad to know!), which is the highest level of protection you can find. (Clothing labeled UPF 50+ offers almost no additional protection.) This means that when you wear the hat, your skin is protected from UV rays 50 times more effectively than if it were exposed directly to sunlight. That's pretty serious protection! Sun-protective clothing looks like regular summer light-wear, but it's actually much more tightly woven together and deeper in color.

This hat was recently selected as "Oprah's Favorite" in O Magazine. We ordered a sample of every style and color we could get our hands on here at Park, had a hat party to try them all on, and voted this fuchsia and the khaki as the hands-down (or do I mean "heads up"?!) winners! They were the most comfortable and flattering, with the best overall fit. I think you're going to love it!

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It's one great hat!
Happy gardener from PA wrote (October 09, 2012):
Bought this hat in 2005. It's comfortable, really blocks the sun and very easy care. I have worn it almost every day during gardening season. I'm from PA. I rolled the hat up and took it to Texas this week to help my family with gardening, also toured the Dallas Arboretum. Once again, I had someone ask me about the hat. When home, I washed it on the gentle cycle and hung it from a clip to dry. Aside from the fact the red color is not as bright as when it was new, this hat shows no wear, no fraying. Buy it. You won't be sorry.
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