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Gilmour 4 Gallon Wheel Pump Sprayer Video
Gilmour 4 Gallon Wheel Pump Sprayer
No Pumping, No Lugging -- Just Wheel and Spray!

Gilmour 4 Gallon Wheel Pump Sprayer

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Use it to fertilize, kill weeds, stain the deck, strip wallpaper -- just about anything you can think of!

The ultimate in convenience!
Never again" was my decision about pressure pump sprayers several years ago (after straining my back dragging one around the garden), but I have to admit that this fine Gilmour 4-gallon capacity pump sprayer ON WHEELS has changed my mind. Not only do you not lift it, you don't pump it, either! As you roll this sprayer along, it pressurizes itself! Add to this a handy-dandy wand storage feature, flexible wand, good long PVC hose, built-in pressure relief valve, and extra-wide mouth for easy filling, and you've got yourself an easy-to-use, almost foolproof sprayer!

Everything about this sprayer was designed for ease of use and ergonomic relief. I hesitate to say that you just "point and shoot," but it DOES make spraying the garden, staining the deck, even stripping wallpaper about as easy as a walk in the park! The mouth opening is 4? inches wide for easy filling, and there's a drain at the base for easy emptying. (You will NEVER have to lift this unit!) The 16-inch flexible wand stores in the handle -- you don't even have to bend over to attach it and begin your project. The handle pivots (so you don't have to wrestle the unit around corners and into tight places) and the PVC hose is an extra-long 72 inches -- no more scrambling for extension cords!

The extra-large 4-gallon tank is UV-resistant and translucent, so you can keep an eye on its fluid level. The filter changes easily, and the seals are both leaf-proof AND chemical-resistant, so they won't corrode away on you. The polymer discharge valve is also chemical-resistant, and it's got a comfort grip so you don't cramp up as you squeeze it. And the whole thing is on wheels, which bear its weight so you don't have to!

This is a tool whose time has come in my garden (and home). If you're tired of lugging around hand-pump sprayers that leak chemicals onto your clothes and hands, require endless pressurizing, and wear you out before the job's half done, the Automatic Pressure Pump Sprayer is just what you're looking for! NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.

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