Gingerland Caladium Bulbs - Pack of 5

Gingerland Caladium Bulbs - Pack of 5

Adaptable to pots or the garden!

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A really distinctive dwarf Caladium, 'Gingerland' is much more sun tolerant than most others, and its pattern of creamy-white with green edges and spatters of dark red is eye-catching and refreshing! For a lovely windowbox, hanging basket, flowerpot, or garden display, rely on this easy-to-grow, heat-loving foliage plant!

'Gingerland' reaches about 15 inches high, with large, elegantly curled heart-shaped leaves. The leaves unroll beautifully from long, slender fronds pointing straight up, so they're as fun to watch grow as they are to enjoy when fully unfurled! Each leaf has a creamy-white base, a generous forest-green edging that fades as it reaches the central vein of the leaf, and dozens and dozens of cerise-red spots. Festive and elegant!

A bit shorter than most Caladiums, 'Gingerland' is also an excellent candidate for containers because it can be de-eyed to make it grow bushier. To de-eye, simply cut away the large central eye on the bulb before planting. This will remove the leader shoot, and you'll get more short shoots, closer together for a full, crowded look. (By the way, not all Caladiums should be de-eyed, so please don't try this on your 'Sweethearts' for instance!)

If you're new to Caladium growing, you're in for a treat. This lightweight, rooty little bulb is a snap to grow. If you're familiar with planting Daffodils and Tulips, the thing to remember about planting Caladiums is that the bulb goes upside-down -- wide end on top, tapering parts facing down! Set it 2 or 3 inches beneath the soil in the garden (more shallowly in pots) when the weather has warmed in spring, selecting a spot in full to partial shade (up to a half day of direct sun OR constant dappled sunlight is fine).

Caladium also makes a fine year-round houseplant, asking only for a warm enough room to keep the soil at or above about 70 degrees F. You can start it any time of year, and the gorgeous foliage stays fresh and pretty for months.