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Glamini® Zoe Gladiolus - Pack of 5
The blushing blooms start at nearly ground-level!

Glamini® Zoe Gladiolus - Pack of 5

Pack of 5
Item # 35627-PK-5
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Color-Changing Blossoms

As 'Zoe' opens, the blooms start with rosy tones and slowly reveal peach, orange, and lemon.
'Zoe' is perhaps the sweetest character in the Glamini® series, with peach, rose, and lemon colors playing across the lush, ruffled blooms, each flower a little different from the last as they change colors through their various stages of opening. The demure blooms are a delightful touch in any summer garden, and they add a gorgeous peachy glow to the vase or bouquet.

The Glamini® series is a breakthrough in Gladiolus breeding. Not only are these little Glads half the height of their traditional counterparts, they are also much more floriferous, starting 10 to 15 days earlier than ordinary Glads and growing many more blooms--up to 20 per plant! And every one of these Glads is impeccable, from the stately upright habit of the sword-shaped foliage to the graceful arc of the flower stalk and, of course, the clean, vibrant color of the gorgeous blooms.

Despite their small stature (just 20 to 24 inches tall), Glamini® Gladioli produce full-sized flowers up to 8 inches wide, and their short and sturdy stems are wind-proof, holding those big blooms aloft gracefully, with no need for staking. The big, beautiful blooms and compact bodies make Glamini® incredibly versatile. Small enough for beds, pots, or window boxes, but beautiful enough for vases and bouquets, these bulbs will serve you well wherever you plant them: be sure to order extras!

These high-quality bulbs come right from Holland, many of them capable of growing 2 flower spikes that will bloom in succession! The solid colors of these Glads look particularly impressive in a massed effect, so we recommend planting them in groups of six or more. Plant in the spring for blooms starting in July and lasting up to 8 weeks! To extend the period of bloom even longer, stagger your planting from early spring until the end of June.

Plant this Glamini® about 3 inches deep in a well-drained spot (sun to partial shade). Space plants 3 to 4 inches apart, and give them average water. With little to no help they will burst forth with color in the summer. They are highly pest resistant, and about the only thing that will kill them is cold. After the bloom show is done, they go dormant in the winter. In zone 7 or higher you should dig up the tubers and over-winter them indoors, then replant in the spring. Zones 8 to 10 (but up to 3 with over-wintering).

Genus Gladiolus
Variety Glamini® 'Zoe'
ItemForm Pack of 5
Zone 8 - 10
BloomStartToEnd Mid Summer - Early Fall
Habit Upright
PlantHeight 20 in - 24 in
PlantWidth 12 in
BloomSize 8 in
AdditionalCharacteristics Bloom First Year, Rose Companions
BloomColor Dark Apricot, Light Coral, Light Pink, Light Rose, Multi-Color, Salmon, Yellow
FoliageColor Medium Green
LightRequirements Full Sun, Part Shade
MoistureRequirements Moist,  well-drained
Resistance Pest Resistant
SoilTolerance Normal,  loamy
Uses Baskets, Beds, Border, Containers, Cut Flowers, Houseplant, Ornamental
Restrictions Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
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