Glass Slippers Butterfly Bush

Glass Slippers Butterfly Bush

New Look!

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These lovely lavender blooms really do look like elegant, glittering slippers! Held out horizontally on a low, wide shrub, they signal to every butterfly and bee in the neighborhood that nectar is to be had -- and plenty of it! Glass Slippers is so much fun, and you will love having a new look for this sun-lover!

Traditionally, Butterfly Bushes are tall and vase-shaped, holding their trusses way above eye level. But Glass Slippers, part of the wonderful Monarch® series, gets down to business with a much showier look. This shrub is just 3 feet tall, but spreads more than 5 feet wide in the sunny border, foundation, or anywhere you need fast-growing, long-lasting color.

Like all Butterfly Bushes, Glass Slippers is easy to grow. Cut it down to a few inches from the ground in late winter and it will take off even bushier and more floriferous than the year before. The bloom trusses have a strong, sweet aroma you'll love, and may be cut for indoor bouquets. Best of all, Glass Slippers is good for the garden, bringing in pollinators and filling the late summer and early fall season with some much-needed fresh color!

Happy in any well-drained soil drenched with sunshine, Glass Slippers is long-lived and colorful. Make it part of your landscape! Zones 5-10.