Allium Globemaster

Allium Globemaster

Fluffy Violet Blooms as Big as Soccer Balls!

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Every spring bulb garden needs Allium, and Globemaster is undoubtedly the star of the family, with giant 8-inch soccer-ball-sized bloomheads of lavender-pink. Appearing at the end of the season, it bridges the gap between spring and summer, carrying the garden into its greatest season of glory.

Globemaster arises on a very thick, sturdy stem that can reach 2½ to 3 feet tall. An ornamental onion, it is not strongly scented, but it does keep pests at bay while attracting good pollinators -- bees and butterflies -- into the garden. Simply set the bulb into the warm spring soil and watch Globemaster take off!

This flower remains in bloom for nearly 3 weeks, gradually drying out on the plant. As it becomes papery, cut the stem and use the bloom as an everlasting in indoor arrangements. It will last for months!

Globemaster is a Dutch hybrid, repeating more reliably than its cousin, Allium giganteum. Because it's sterile, it puts all its energy into producing more flowers instead of making seeds -- and you reap the benefits! Ideal combined with low-growing, mounding perennials. Zones 4-8.