Goldstrike™ Cedar Thuja

Goldstrike™ Cedar Thuja

An evergreen semi-dwarf with an elegant columnar habit

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Plant Patent #22,003. Cultivar name: 'Thusidl'

Discovered as a branch mutation of Thuja occidentalis 'Smargd,' Goldstrike™ Cedar offers the same fine-textured foliage as its parent and should also display the same growth rate, shape, vigor, and hardiness.

A true standout in any setting, this lovely evergreen has a semi-dwarf, narrow, columnar habit with bright golden-yellow new growth from mid-spring through midsummer that contrasts beautifully with the mature emerald green foliage. It's a show-stopper for months during the growing season!

Reaching 15 feet high and 4 feet wide, it performs well in either full sun (new growth does not burn in sun) or partial shade, preferring deep, well-drained soil. Easy to grow, long-lived, and attractive year-round, Goldstrike™ Cedar is ideal for use as a living fence, although its beautiful foliage makes it great as a stand-alone specimen planting as well. Water regular as needed and feed in spring and summer. This tree requires minimal pruning, but if you choose to do so, prune in early spring. Zones 3-8.