Good Berry Bad Berry (book)

Good Berry Bad Berry (book)

Forage for Wild Berries the Safe (and fun!) Way!

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The latest in the wonderful Good/Bad series of field guides (Good Weed Bad Weed, Good Bug Bad Bug, etc.), Good Berry Bad Berry is a terrific resource for those of us who enjoy finding -- and are often tempted to sample -- berries in the wild spaces in and around our garden. Author Helen Yoest shows us in full color photos and clear descriptions which varieties of berry are safe to eat and which are not . . . while also informing us about the natural uses of each fruit in the wild.

Several dozen species are identified in this book as being either edible for humans or not. Each is clearly pictured and described, and the book includes a glossary and useful introduction to the sport of wild berry foraging.

Best of all, the layout and construction of Good Berry Bad Berry is perfect for gardeners, hikers, and nature lovers of all stripes. It has a covered spiral binding, so it can lay open flat. And the pages are waterproof, so you can wipe away that berry juice without ruining the print! At 104 pages, this is an information-packed yet very portable little book, just right for the gardening apron or the backpack.

Consider making a gift of this book to your friends who love to explore the outdoors, as well as new homeowners and gardeners who may just be beginning their adventure with growing edibles. Learning the native North American berries (as well as the naturalized non-natives!) helps bird lovers to understand which species they can attract into the garden, and is part of the process of attracting beneficial pollinators from bees to butterflies into the garden. In other words, this is a field guide we all need!

Good Berry Bad Berry, by Helen Yoest. St. Lynn's Press, 2016. 104 pp.