Repel geese from around your yard and gardens with this all natural repellent

Goose Repellent (32 oz.)

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Safe for family, pets, and the environment

Works on Turkeys and Ducks too!
Tired of cleaning up goose poop? Get rid of the geese now! Unsightly, unhealthy bird droppings can ruin the outdoor experience for everyone, damaging grass and other vegetation. With over 6 million Canadian Geese, you know that this problem isn't going away on its own. This goose repellent is all natural and non toxic for the geese themselves, plus safe for you, your pets, and your plants. Works on Turkeys and Ducks too!

Geese can't stand the feel or taste where the Goose Repellent is sprayed. Environmentally safe, using only natural ingredients, our Goose Repellent discourages geese from feeding, nesting and fouling in and around treated areas.

By applying our goose repellent to food areas, you make that area undesirable to geese, turkeys and ducks. This eliminates the food source causing them to look elsewhere for a feeding area. With no food, and smells that they do not like, the whole area becomes less inviting.

Simple to use, just attach the sprayer to your garden hose and soak areas with our goose repellent that are frequented by geese, turkeys and or ducks. Spray areas like lawns, fields, pond/lake edges, golf courses, or even sidewalks. Apply at the very first sign of problems before feeding habits are established. Grass should be cut prior to application. Apply to dry grass and avoid irrigation to prolong effectiveness. It is best to avoid applying repellent during heat of the day. May be applied year round as long as temperature is above freezing. Reapply every 3-4 weeks, or as necessary, to maintain control. 32 oz. hose end sprayer.

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