Gourmet Vegetable Seed Collection

Gourmet Vegetable Seed Collection

Our Newest and Best for Gourmet Eating!

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If you're ready to sample the most delicious vegetables available for home gardens, we're ready to give you the seeds at a nice little discount! Our Gourmet Vegetable Seed Collection contains the newest and most exciting varieties, from a white pickling cucumber to a terrific assortment of heirloom tomatoes to a brand-new mix of mini bell peppers!

There are 6 packets altogether in this collection, but with two of them being mixes, you get more than a dozen actual named varieties. The savings are tremendous, and this collection gives you a chance to sample a few types you might not wish to purchase an entire packet of seeds for, but definitely want to try. You may be surprised to discover a new favorite in the mix! Collections are always an adventure, and we are very pleased to make this gourmet selection available at such a nice price.

Enjoy growing these vegetables, and if you get the chance, write a review at season's end to tell us how they all turned out in your garden! Gardeners across the country would love to know!

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