Graffiti® Bright Red Pentas Seeds

Graffiti® Bright Red Pentas Seeds

Like a Red Flag Signalling to Butterflies and Hummers!

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Graffiti® is the most colorful Pentas ever grown, and Bright Red is one of its most spectacular colors. These blooms are simply fire-engine red, calling to butterflies and hummingbirds to sample their nectar all summer long!

Easy to grow, Graffiti® Bright Red offers large, tightly-packed flowerheads above the foliage. It reaches 12 to 15 inches high in full flower, and spreads 10 to 14 inches wide. Great for containers or the annual bed, it is a sun-loving, drought-tolerant presence you won't want to miss.

Graffiti® Bright Red prefers its soil not too rich, and a bit on the dry side. Heat, sun, and good drainage will have the plants blooming heartily all summer long. It is quite drought-tolerant, but be sure to keep it well watered during its growth period. Then you can let it go!

Start the seeds indoors, germinating them at 75 to 80 degrees F with high humidity. (If using the Bio Dome, just leave the dome on with the vents closed. If using a seed flat, wrap a plastic bag loosely around it.) The seeds need light to germinate, so do NOT cover them. (In the Bio Dome, you can either place them into the bio sponge hole or set them on top of the sponge, beside the hole -- we have tried both, and they work equally well.) Germination takes about 7 to 10 days, after which you can lower the temperature to 70-75 degrees, then (as the seedlings grow), to 65-70. Transplant when the seedlings have at least 2 sets of true leaves; they should begin blooming about 8 to 10 weeks later, or when the hot summer weather arrives. Pkt is 15 seeds.