Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth

Fragrant Blue Spires in Sun or Shade!

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Greet spring with a sweetly fragrant, bright blue carpet of color from Grape Hyacinth! Looking like an upside-down bunch of grapes (hence its common name), this super-early spring bulb is happy in full sun or part shade, thriving and multiplying readily over time where it is content.

Just 6 to 8 inches high and not as wide, this cheery conical bloomspike opens with the daffodils, its deep blue color complementing the whites and yellows of Narcissus perfectly. The foliage arises later, and remains until summer, when it goes dormant. Virtually self-maintaining, Grape Hyacinth asks only for decent soil drainage, some sun, and enough water to rejuvenate itself in spring, after it flowers!

Particularly attractive beneath trees and shrubs, Grape Hyacinth brightens the spring garden floor with long-lasting, very bright color. You will come to treasure its reappearance each year! Make room for it this season, and enjoy the fragrance, color, and ease of care of this bulb for countless seasons to come. Zones 3-8.