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Green Velcro Plant Ties

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Lasts for seasons and can even be reused!

Just cut the tape to the desired length and wrap it around your stem and support structure.
Forget the fuss of garden twine for tying up your climbing plants and vines ? just snip off a piece of Velcro and hold any stem securely in place for season after season, no matter what the weather or how heavy the vine! And when it's time to untie the stem, it releases with a simple tug. Just think ? no more tying knots, worrying about damaging the stem, or trying to locate shears every time you need to adjust the tie as the plant grows!

This roll contains 75 feet of ½-inch-wide green Velcro, the perfect color for blending into the garden. Simply cut the roll to the desired length (allowing for about a 2-inch overlap, or a bit more for heavy plants) and press the Velcro firmly into place. You're done!

The National Home Gardening Club has tested and recommends this product highly. It's great for Tomatoes, Beans, Peppers, and other veggies that need support as they grow and set heavy fruit. Annual and perennial vines and climbers grow better with its support, and young plants, which may need support until their stems strengthen, benefit from Velcro. This tape can even be re-used!

One roll is plenty for dozens of annuals, perennials, vegetables, shrubs, and even young trees. Pick up a spare for the end of the season, and you'll grow your most beautiful "vertical color" ever!

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