Grenada Hybrid Pepper Seeds

Grenada Hybrid Pepper Seeds

A Sweet Cubanelle with Huge Yields!

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70 days from setting out transplants.

This is not the habanero pepper known as Grenada; instead, it's a new and very delicious variety of cubanelle pepper, quite sweet and fragrant, with extra-large fruit and terrific disease resistance. If you are new to growing Cuban peppers, make Grenada the star of your vegetable garden this season. You will fall in love!

These peppers are about 5 inches long and an inch or two in diameter, with a sort of caved-in, slightly twisty look. More carrot-shaped than blocky, they are blunt-ended and not very uniform, adding to their great plate appeal. No two will be just alike, but all will be so aromatic that you smell them before you see them in the garden, and so sweet that one bite will leave you demanding more!

Grenada turns from pale green to rich red, though it can be picked green with full flavor. This variety is renowned for its huge yields, thanks to superior resistance to bacterial leaf spot, the scourge of many a pepper plant. The fruit is smooth, supple, and thin-walled, great for eating fresh or cooking.

This plant is widely adapted, thriving in hot summers but quick enough to mature even in short-summer climates. You will find it vigorous, trouble-free, and quite heavy bearing. Consider planting a few extra among your flowering plants -- the peppers are lovely and the aroma helps keep pests at bay!

Start seeds indoors or, in climate with short growing seasons, outdoors at least one week after last frost. If starting indoors, allow 7 to 10 weeks for the seeds to mature into seedlings large enough to transplant safely. Set seedlings (or thin direct-sown seedlings) 2 feet apart in full sun. If planting many seedlings, space rows about 3 feet apart. Fertilize when the blooms appear, and water well. Fruit is most colorful and nutritious if allowed to ripen on the plant (instead of being picked when green). Pkt is 25 seeds.