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Gro-Lux Wide Spectrum Fluorescent Tubes - Pack of 2

24 inch 20 Watt
Item # 06870-PK-2
Available to ship.
48 inch 40 Watt
Item # 06872-PK-2
Available to ship.

Available in 24- or 48-inch lengths!

Wide color distribution (more reds and yellows) in these fluorescent tubes maximizes the growing environment for most types of plants.
Your seedlings and indoor plants will flourish under these superb wide spectrum fluorescent light tubes! They distribute more reds and yellows than standard fluorescents, creating an optimal growth environment for young seedlings as well as mature plants!

Each packet contains 2 tubes of 20- or 40-watt lighting. The 24-inch lights fit into our Table Top Plant Light and Park's Complete Light and Starter Kit. Use the 48-inch size with our Table Top Plant Light (54-inch).

Additional Characteristics
Lighting, Seed Starting
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