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Hand Forged Precision Pruners
The All-in-1 Tool for Fine Pruning and Trimming!

Hand Forged Precision Pruners

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You'll wonder what you ever did without it!

Great for trimming plant roots, taking cuttings, pruning fine stems, and caring for bonsai.
Every once in a while a garden tool comes along that just changes the way you do business. Our Precision Pruners are like that. Truth to tell, we ran across them when caring for bonsai. But they soon proved invaluable for a wide range of tasks, from taking cuttings of tender perennials (from Pelargonium to Coleus) to making fine cuts in slender-stemmed plants that big regular shears made a mess of. Now they're in the tool belt of every gardener at Park, and we think they belong in your go-to tool set, too!

The secret to Precision Pruners is their superior design. They're solid steel, and if you can believe it, they are hand-forged. You just don't see quality craftsmanship like that anymore -- not at these affordable prices, anyway! As you might expect from such work, the blades are razor-sharp. While other shears and scissors may mash and tear stems into breaking, Precision Pruners cuts them as cleanly as a scalpel would! This makes them perfect for cutting flowers, especially those such as Poppies where stem vitality is essential!

The ergonomics of these little pruners are great, too. They have rabbit-ear grips, so you won't drop them into the billowing groundcover (to vanish until the dead of winter!) or get so worn out from squeezing the handles that you have to quit before you're finished with all your garden chores. They're comfortable to handle and easy to use, and that's really all you can ask out of a pair of shears!

Precision Pruners measure 6 inches long and tuck conveniently into your shirt or jeans pocket. They seem to stay sharp a lot longer than the average set of pruners -- maybe it's that hand construction and superior material. Give them a try this season, or tuck them into the stocking of your favorite gardening buddy. We know they're going to become your favorite!

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Overall Rating: 3 Stars
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Made for large hands.
Joy D from WI wrote (February 22, 2012):
They cut well and are nice and heavy-duty. But the handles are too large for my small hands. As a result I pinch my fingers when trying to use them. Adding some sort of pad to the handles will likely improve this problem.
Looks cool!
Ann from TX wrote (January 21, 2012):
My initial reaction when I opened the package was... ewww these are used! Then I thought, cool, it looks like something I may have salvaged from my grandmother's gardening stuff. My husband saw them and said, "these are handmade!" So that's cool. But I have arthritis and they were difficult for me to use. They were difficult to squeeze. I won't pull these out of my gardening bag as a first choice, but I will use them when nothing else is appropriate. All in all, they were free, thanks parkseed!
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