Hardy Kiwi (male)

Hardy Kiwi (male)

All of the Flavor -- None of the Fuzz!

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What fruit grows like a grape, looks like a gooseberry, but tastes like a blend of bananas, strawberries, and pears? The answer is the Hardy Kiwi!

This relative of the brown skinned kiwi sold in stores is taking the US by storm, and it's easy to see why. This relatively small fruit is richly flavorful and nutritious, possessing more vitamin C than most other citrus. The white flowers that arrive in summer are pretty and fragrant and the fruit it becomes is ever more aromatic!

This is the male of the species, which you will need to grow near the female (actually, it can pollinate up to 8 female kiwi vines!) in order to get flowers and fruit. Expect it to reach up to 20 feet long and to live for 6 decades or more!

This perennial vine is called "hardy" because it can survive temperatures as low as -30°F. It appreciates a good mulching and plenty of moisture. While it is very cold hardy, it doesn't do well with frost, so make sure that you protect your vines, particularly its flowers if you want a heavy yield the next season. Avoid fertilizing it the first year it is in your garden, and do so only use sparingly after it has become established -- its roots are easy to burn. Enjoy this fruiting marvel for many years to come! Zones 5-9.