Protect Direct-sown Seeds and Young Plants in Rough Weather!

Harvest-Guard Floating Plant Covers - 5' x 50'

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Lets Sunlight and Water In, but Keeps Pests and Frost Away!

Great for germinating seeds, new transplants, and young crops.
Row covers are an idea almost as old as gardening, but they've never worked so well before Harvest-Guard. That's because these spun-bound polyester fabric sheets are really as light as air, appearing to float over your germinating seeds, young plants, or other vulnerable crops. They are porous enough to let light and water in -- you can irrigate and feed right on top of them -- but they offer just that extra measure of protection that keeps light frost, destructive pests, and other dangers at bay.

Harvest-Guard rests right on top of the plants they guard, offering frost protection to 29 degrees F. If you need a little more, double the layer and you can safely get to 26 degrees F! They are also terrific for germinating seed, keeping it from blowing or washing away as easily during rough spring weather. And when strawberries and other ground crops begin to develop, some timely plant covers can keep a lot of beaks out of your harvest!

Harvest-Guard is easy to rinse clean, air dry, and fold for another use. But the truth is, you'll find many applications for it all year, from frost protection in spring and fall to seed nurturing in mid and late summer (when the fall crops are sown). We offer several sizes, including a Frost Protection Bag that fits over shrubs, small trees, or potted plants for good vertical coverage. Make a small investment now, and reap the rewards in bigger, better crops every season! 5' x 50'

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