Protect Shrubs, Small Trees, and Potted Plants from Rough Weather!

Harvest-Guard Frost Protection Bag - 8' x 6'

Item # 35355
Available to begin shipping on Feb 17, 2016.

Lets Sunlight and Water In, but Keeps Pests and Frost Away!

Made of the same material as floating row covers, and just as durable!
Now you can get the same terrific protection for shrubs, small trees, and potted plants that your newly-sown garden seeds and young transplants enjoy. Instead of a flat floating row cover, the Frost Protection Bag takes the coverage vertical -- and 3-dimensional -- by creating an 8-foot by 6-foot sack that slips neatly over the plant, trapping moisture and heat while protecting from a touch of frost, strong drying wind, and pests!

The Frost Protection Bag helps extend the season of your vulnerable large plants. If an unexpected frost threatens, the temperature drops, or your potted blueberry is studded with berries that you would prefer NOT to share with every bird in the neighborhood, simply slip the bag over the plant for the duration of the time needed. It's porous enough to let sunlight and water in -- you can feed and water right on top of it! -- but it offers a nice bit of coverage.

The Frost Protection Bag gives you about 3 degrees of frost protection -- your plants should be all right to about 29 degrees F. (Lower than that, you might have to double-bag!) This accounts for many of the "freak" frosts that occur in spring and fall, and helps bring you peace of mind. No more dragging old bedsheets out to the garden to try to save your favorite plants!

And this bag is a lifesaver when it comes to rough winds and rainstorms, offering a very light but effective buffer against the worst weather. Most of all, it can help you actually harvest a crop of ripening fruit or berries instead of losing them all to hungry nibblers!

The Frost Protection Bag is made of spun-bound polyester, so it's super durable and long-lasting. Rinse it clean, air it dry, and fold it flat for years of use! And while you're at it, pick up some floating row covers made of the same wonder material. Your garden will thank you! Dimensions: 8' x 6'.

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