Harvest Prep Cups - set of 3

Harvest Prep Cups - set of 3

Made of Recycled Materials and Just the Right Size!

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How did you ever get by without your Harvest Prep Cups? This is what you will ask yourself within a week or two of receiving this set of 3 small prep/condiment dishes, made entirely of recycled materials, colored a fresh apple green, and as durable as they are beautiful. A kitchen essential for anyone who gardens with herbs, fruits, or vegetables, they are about to become your go-to containers for a multitude of culinary tasks!

These charming little bowls are just 2 inches high, with a smooth rim and a wide, shallow interior 4½ inches wide. The size is perfect for gathering fresh sprouts from your sprouter, spice mixtures for rubs and sauces, minced herbs, and finely chopped fruits and vegetables of every type. It's difficult to find bowls of just this size, yet once you use them, you'll wonder why you haven't sought out a set much sooner!

Harvest Prep Cups are completely dishwasher-safe, and are stackable for easy storage. (Not that they will spend much time in the kitchen cupboards -- they are too useful for daily life!) They are especially valuable during canning time, when you have multi-ingredient pickling and saucing recipes and not a lot of counter space to lay everything out.

And because these cups are made from recycled materials, they are a product you want to add to your permanent kitchen. Gardeners appreciate the value of reusing and recycling, and these ultra-durable little cups represent the very best way to transform one product into another for a long, long useful life. They are attractive enough to be served at table, yet so practical that you won't want them to leave the kitchen!

Pick up an extra set of Harvest Prep Cups while you're at it. They make the perfect hostess or housewarming gift . . . and have been known to come in very handy for seed-savers, too. Just the right size for sorting and counting all those seeds harvested from your favorite plants! Ah, so many uses . . . we love and highly recommend the Harvest Prep Cups! Set of 3.