Havana Blues Geranium

Havana Blues Geranium

Pollinators Love these Lush Blooms

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'Havana Blues' is dazzling right from the start: the first leaves come on with a golden hue to them, and as they mature to a "normal" green, they pass the torch to the blooms. The stunning, soft-blue flowers come on in early summer and vaunt their colors until mid fall. The 2½-inch flowers look enormous on these showy little dwarf geraniums. 'Havana Blues' grows only 8 to 10 inches tall and wide, making it perfect for the front of a bed or border or even a small sized container. The habit is neat but vigorous, with plants slowly spreading.

'Havana Blue' is fantastic for bedding, borders, patio, and containers in the South and Southwest, where many Geraniums have short and unsatisfactory bloom seasons. The light center and violet streaks make these blue blooms a breathtaking groundcover for practically any garden use--the spreading habit even makes 'Havana Blue' a good choice in hanging baskets! And these flowers attract just the right fauna: hummingbirds and butterflies both love these cheerful blooms, but deer tend to overlook them.

Plant 'Havana Blues' in loamy soil with a good amount of shade. Get the root about an inch below the soil, and space these Geraniums 10 inches apart. Hardy in zones 5 to 8.