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Haxnicks Fleece Tunnel
Don't Let Rough Weather Harm Your Garden!

Haxnicks Fleece Tunnel

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All-in-1 system makes it so easy to protect even big gardens in just minutes!

Start earlier in spring, finish later in fall, and protect new seedlings from scorching or freezing!
An idea whose time has come, this all-in-1 system is the answer to many a gardener's prayer! No more fiddling around with steel hoops, yards and yards of loose row cover, anchors, ties, and all the rest of it! Just set one end of this telescoping tunnel into place, then unfold it over your rows of veggies or flowers. That's all there is to it!

Measuring 10 feet long and about 2 feet wide and 1½ feet high, this polypropylene netting is non-woven and heavyweight, yet admits enough light and air to keep plants healthy without subjecting them to the full impact of the elements. It's a balancing act that Haxnicks -- a British company -- has mastered perfectly!

Galvanized steel hoops fixed onto the netting sink into the soil at spaced intervals, anchoring the tunnel in place. Easy to manipulate, the hoops are strong enough to withstand very severe rain and wind.

Both ends of the tunnel feature drawstrings that can be pulled tight for more protection, left open for more air circulation, or even tied to another Haxnicks tunnel to protect a longer row.

The Haxnicks Fleece Tunnel is tinted green, which actually helps it retain warmth while preventing scorching. It simply accordions out for use, then folds flat for storage. Nothing could be simpler, and what a difference it makes to your garden! Stock up on this splendid modern row cover, and extend your season 2 to 6 weeks in spring and fall!

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