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Heirloom Favorites Collection

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10 Best Heritage Veggies and Flowers!

From Amaranthus, Sunflower, and Marigold to Okra, Beans, Tomatos, Melons, and Peppers!
One advantage of being around for 145 years is that you get to see thousands of flowering and vegetable varieties come and go . . . with only the very finest remaining! So we're celebrating the 145th Anniversary of Park Seed with this special collection of the 10 most popular heirloom varieties we offer from seed. Containing 7 vegetable varieties and 3 flowering types, it's a must-have for everyone who loves heritage gardening.

In this collection of 10 seed packets, you receive 1 packet of each of the following:

Tomato Rainbow Blend is an heirloom collection within an heirloom collection! It contains 6 of the very best: Cherokee Purple, Dixie Golden Giant, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Black from Tula, Brandywine Red, and Big Rainbow. All are indeterminate varieties, and they're a mix, so you have the fun of sprouting the seeds and seeing how they fruit! And just in case you can't get enough Cherokee Purple -- we've never had a gardener complain of getting too many Cherokee Purples! -- that popular choice is offered separately as well.

Tomato Cherokee Purple is a flattish greenish-yellow-purplish tomato with unbelievably rich, strong tomato taste. If you've been raised on supermarket tomatoes, it's like an entirely new type of food!

Bean Mountaineer White Half Runner (also known as Old Dutch Half Runner) is a German pole bean that probably came to South Carolina about 200 years ago, and has been a gourmet favorite whenever it was available ever since. Slender, succulent little pods have tiny white seeds a rich beany flavor you'll find yourself craving more of.

Okra Silver Queen is hard to find and so treasured when it is! Most people think of corn when they hear "Silver Queen," but this heirloom okra earns its name with icy pale green pods that hold up great all season long, even if you can't pick them the moment they turn ripe. They keep their succulent flavor and texture long past all others, and may just make an okra convert out of the pickiest child!

Watermelon Moon and Stars has been a Park customer favorite for decades. It's just too much fun to watch the gold-spattered green rinds develop, each one distinctively patterned, all concealing delicious red flesh with a sugary, juicy bite.

Cantaloupe Hale's Best Organic was so popular in its day that everyone knew its name, the way we know Red Delicious apples or Kentucky Wonder beans today. Then it disappeared, only to make its encore in 21st-century gardens! You'll love the highly aromatic, dense, sugary flesh of this melon.

As Park Seed celebrates its 145th anniversary, bell pepper California Wonder Organic celebrates its 85th! Introduced in 1928, it was one of the amazing crops that the Dust Bowl refugees picked in the California fields during the Depression, and it remains the gold standard for bell peppers. Despite its name, it is not a West Coast exclusive, and is recommended by County Agents from Texas to Florida and parts north, too.

The common name of Amaranthus is Love-Lies-Bleeding, and when you take one look at this variety, you'll see why. Dramatic weeping blooms of blood-red cascade down to the ground amid bright green leaves, creating a huge impact in the sunny annual bed. The Victorians went crazy over this plant, and so will you!

Marigold Tiger Eyes is French variety with big double blooms consisting of a pompon of bright yellow around larger petals of deepest red. Its beauty is enough to satisfy anyone, but Tiger Eyes's real strength lies as a nematode killer in the tomato patch! Plant it alongside your veggies and you'll harvest a bigger crop, thanks to this hardworking little beauty!

Sunflower Russian Mammoth reminds us that the original purpose of growing Sunflowers was for the nutritious, tasty seeds. This is a giant of a plant, towering 8 to 10 feet high, with flowerheads that usually exceed a foot in diameter. The central disk is larger than the petals, and absolutely packed with seeds! Grow some extras to share with the birds, who need their vitamins too, and enjoy the sheer bragging rights that come with this spectacular sun-lover!

This unique heirloom collection offers the absolute best and most interesting vegetable and flower varieties available today. You're going to love it, but everyone else will too, so order NOW before it sells out! 10 packets of seeds.

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