Winter Jewels Amber Gem Lenten Rose

Winter Jewels Amber Gem Lenten Rose

Incredibly Color-packed Lenten Rose!

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Breathtakingly beautiful, Amber Gem is a double-flowered Hellebore that arises in winter, when the garden is at its dullest and grayest. A shade-loving perennial that stands up to adversity and keeps its blooms for several months each year, this Winter Jewel™ is a showstopping sight in garden and indoor arrangements!

Well-branched and showy even when not in bloom, this Hellebore offers dark green leaves, long and toothy, on a spreading habit. Just a foot or so high, it spreads up to 2 feet wide within a single season, and lives for many, many years. Pests leave it alone (it is poisonous), and often it is the only fresh green growing thing still visible in the January shade border!

The flowers are simply exquisite. The base color is a pale primrose yellow, with an intricate pattern of dark pink to light red markings that outline each petal. The center of the bloom is lime green to chartreuse, with a glowing yellow eye. Stunning!

Cut the blooms and float them face up in a bowl of water indoors, or let them age right on the plant to a crepe-papery consistency. Their color will fade but persist, giving a large planting of Amber Gem a multicolored look that is quite striking.

Hellebores are among the easiest perennials to grow, standing up to heat, humidity, drought, and other environmental stresses. Pamper Amber Gem a bit the first season to help it find its feet, then let it go. You will enjoy these blooms for a decade or more to come! Highly recommended for full to part shade in any well-drained soil. Zones 5-8.