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This Classic Everbearing is Sweet and Firm, Even if Picked Late!

Heritage Raspberry - Pack of 3

Pack of 3
Item # 48672-PK-3
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High-yielding plants are resistant to Powdery Mildew.

A great choice for lengthening your harvest!
'Heritage' is a classic name in raspberries, a red variety with sweet flavor and great holding ability on the vine. Unlike some varieties, 'Heritage' won't fall to pieces if you delay picking the ripe fruit a day or two; it stays firm, juicy, and super-flavorful. Plants are very vigorous and resist Powdery Mildew.

Raspberries like full sun and good air circulation. They do best in enriched garden soil that is moisture retentive but well-drained. Plant about 3 feet apart in the row, or train up a trellis. Plant about 1 inch deep in heavy soils, 2 inches in loose, sandy soils. For best growth, cut back immediately after planting, to prevent the plant from setting fruit the first year. This will give you much stronger growth and better harvests in years to come. Water well during growth, and consider mulching to conserve water until the following spring, when the mulch should be removed to let the plants warm up. In winter, cut back to about 5 canes per crown.

Genus Rubus
Species idaeus
Variety 'Heritage'
Item Form Pack of 3
Zone 3 - 8
BloomStartToEnd Early Summer
FruitColor Red
Habit Vining
PlantHeight 4 ft - 5 ft
PlantWidth 3 ft - 4 ft
Additional Characteristics Berries, Edible
Harvest Season Mid Fall, Mid Summer
Light Requirements Full Sun
Resistance Disease Resistant
Soil Tolerance Normal,  loamy
Uses Outdoor
Restrictions Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico
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