Use it to break sod, furrow a field, mix in compost, and more!

High Wheel Cultivator

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The Classic All-Purpose Plow Farmers Have Used for Centuries!

Weeds, furrows, slices roots, and hills up soil!
The classic tool that farmers have used to break sod, cut furrows in the fields, mound up hills for planting squash and beans, pull up weeds and slice through roots! The High Wheel Cultivator is a modern update of the traditional hand-tiller, and you will love its versatility, ease of use, and true-blue dependability.

Boasting a 2-foot-diameter steel wheel and 1-inch tubular steel handles that adjust position up to 9 inches, the High Wheel Cultivator is a pleasure to use. It easily rolls over bumpy, rocky, and uneven terrain, the plow attachment creating neat rows for seed planting, working in compost and humus, or simply turning over and loosening the soil. The slotted foot enables you to swap out attachments, while the ergonomic design of the handles prevents fatigue.

The High Wheel Cultivator is designed to last for a lifetime. It folds for storage, and is compact despite its strength and versatility. From one handle to the other (the widest point of the tool) is just 22 inches. From the ground to the top of the handle is 44 inches, and from the edge of the handle to the furthest point of the wheel just 50 inches. You'll wonder what you ever did before you had this wonderful all-purpose soil cutter! 19 lbs.

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