Home Fires Creeping Phlox (pack of 6)

Home Fires Creeping Phlox (pack of 6)

Bring Out the Pink Carpet!

Pack of 6
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Boasting dark pink blooms, slender deep green foliage, and a quick-spreading habit, Home Fires is a magnificent way to carpet the partly shaded garden floor in rich color and spread sweet aroma far and wide!

Spreading quickly by stolons, this American Creeping Phlox leafs out early in spring and quickly covers itself in buds that burst into profuse bloom. The sweet fragrance, which blends well to gardens without overpowering other flowers, adds a freshness to the garden that is ideal among flowering bulbs and in the bare beds of late-opening perennials and shrubs.

Home Fires is floriferous and wonderfully dense. Its lush mat chokes out weeds, shades the soil, and helps retain moisture. Growing 6 to 10 inches high with a spread 2 feet, Home Fires is never invasive, instead navigating around other plants, rocks and garden features. You will appreciate its easy-care presence in the garden! Zones 4-8.