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Harlequin Honeysuckle
Fragrant "Lipstick" Blooms and Gorgeous Foliage!

Harlequin Honeysuckle

4-inch Pot
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Never invasive, and lovely every season with variegated leaves that turn colors in autumn!

Far and away the prettiest Honeysuckle ever grown!
Wild Honeysuckle has its charms, but you'll never look at it the same way after growing this magnificent new variety! 'Harlequin' is a color lover's dream of a plant, with green leaves splashed with pink and cream, big clusters of rosy blooms edged in white to yellow, and splendid fall foliage changes! What's more, you don't have to worry about it taking over the garden -- it grows slowly and neatly, forming an 8- to 10-foot vine or pruned back to a nice little upright 2-foot shrub! You can't go wrong with 'Harlequin'!

All summer long you'll enjoy the fragrance as well as the color of these trumpet-shaped blooms, which arise in big bouquets 5 inches or so across! Butterflies and hummingbirds flock to the blossoms, so be sure to plant 'Harlequin' where you can enjoy it day and night -- the scent intensifies in the evening hours, making this a great choice for the deck, patio, or outdoor "conversation" garden. (And if you don't have a conversation garden, sink a trellis into the earth, plant 'Harlequin' to twine up it, and arrange a few deck chairs around it! Instant conversation!)

'Harlequin's flowers last all summer long and often into fall, but I have to tell you that the foliage is at least as interesting as the flowers -- an absolute first in the Honeysuckle world! The new leaves unfurl in spring splashed with bright pink and cream, and this color lasts right into the heat of summer. Then in fall the foliage turns again, giving you a third season of new color! Not bad for a vine that grows so easily you can just plant and forget it!

In the sunny to partly shaded garden, 'Harlequin' makes a nice companion to everything from Hydrangea to Ice Plant. It's perfect to twine through an ugly chain-link fence, climb up a showy trellis or arbor, or even wend its way through the branches of open-habit shrubs and trees. It won't overtake Clematis, and adds much-needed fragrance to all the summer bloomers that lack a scent of their own. Indifferent to heat and humidity, it's the one you want for those dry, difficult spots. Let it scramble across the ground in areas where few other things will grow -- its vining habit can be horizontal as easily as vertical! And if you've got an ugly old tree stump or other unsightly garden presence, 'Harlequin' is ready for cover-up duty!

Space these plants about 2 to 4 feet apart, depending on how dense you want your coverage. Give it fertile, humus-y soil and water well the first season or two to get it established. If you want to cut it back, do so right after it flowers, so that it will have a chance to grow "new wood" for next season's bloom show! Easy, beautiful, and fragrant, 'Harlequin' is just waiting to transform your garden. Zones 4-9.

Genus Lonicera
Species periclymenum
Variety 'Harlequin'
Item Form 4-inch Pot
Zone 4 - 9
Bloom Season Early Summer - Early Fall
Habit Vining
Plant Height 8 ft - 10 ft
Plant Width 5 ft - 6 ft
Bloom Size 5 in
Additional Characteristics Bird Lovers, Butterfly Lovers, Flower, Fragrance, Free Bloomer, Hummingbird Lovers, Variegated
Bloom Color Rose, Yellow
Bloom Season Fall, Summer
Light Requirements Full Sun, Part Shade
Moisture Requirements Moist,  well-drained
Resistance Heat Tolerant
Season Of Interest Summer
Soil Tolerance Normal,  loamy
Uses Beds, Border, Ground Cover, Ornamental, Vines and Climbers
Restrictions Guam, Virgin Islands, Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico
Overall Rating: 4 Stars
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almost all I hoped for
noisedoctor from PA wrote (August 03, 2012):
Mine isn't variegated like the pictures show, and the blooms are all red (no white). That's all well and good (would have loved to see the variegated leaves, though). but my disappointment is that there's absolutely no fragrance from the blossoms at all. I had hoped for this awesome smell as they grew up an archway over a path. They're pretty but don't give the scent I had hoped for.