Hummingbird Haven Feeder

Hummingbird Haven Feeder

Wait til You See the Ant Moat!

Item # 37728

Here's a charming flying saucer of a hummingbird feeder, a cheerful accent for any spot where your favorite hummers gather! The innovative design includes 5 widely-spaced ports to keep those territorial little beaks well separated, an ant moat to foil pests, and a simple two-part construction with a refill hole in the top for easy nectar pouring. Make this your go-to feeder for seasons of beautiful fluttering wings!

The Hummingbird Haven is built for a crowd, yet it's quite compact. Just 7¾ inches in diameter, it offers 360-degree viewing. There's no "bad" place to sit near this feeder -- the translucent red polycarbonate means that you can even see the birds through the feeder walls! And birds can approach from all sides, staying out of one another's territories.

The 5 feeding stations in Hummingbird Haven are just right for long, hungry beaks, and the transparent material means that you can see, at a glance, how low your supply of nectar is getting. No more guesswork or spilling unused nectar!

Best of all is the ant moat. Why doesn't every hummingbird feeder have this nifty feature? Ants absolutely adore nectar and will literally go out on a limb to get it! But with the moat, they are foiled. So the feeding stations stay clear, the nectar stays pure, and the hummingbirds don't have to share their food!

Hummingbird Haven has a very sturdy 8-inch-long hook for attaching to a branch or other support. It measures just 2 inches high without the hook, so it can easily be stored between seasons. You'll love this feeder and treasure the visitors it brings into your garden!