Ice Wings Daffodil

Ice Wings Daffodil

Sweetly-scented Blooms!

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The only good snowbank in your garden is the fragrant one that this floriferous Daffodil creates every Spring! Easy to grow and eager to naturalize, Daffodils are a popular way to fill large areas with gorgeous spring color, and Ice Wings is even better suited to this purpose thanks to its habit of setting 2 or 3 blooms on every stem.

The strongly reflexed perianths create a unique appearance, eagerly pushing the ruffled, cream-colored cups into the limelight. This graceful, refined Daffodil is an excellent choice for naturalizing large areas, beautifying borders, or adding a dash of fragrance to the vase.

The 12- to 14-inch stems are sturdy and upright, holding their abundant blooms steadfast above the short sword-shaped foliage. The species (N. triandrus) is known for its smaller size and its numerous clusters of pendulant blooms. Ice Wings is showier than the species because its blooms are a bit larger and held out instead of down.

One of the easiest perennials of all time, Daffodils naturally flourish with little to no attention, and even naturalize over time to slowly fill up areas with their beautiful blooms. Plant Ice Wings in drifts and let it take over, filling your spring garden with snowy, brilliant blooms! Zones 3 to 8.